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Origo Cosmeceuticals Pvt Ltd is a leading company offering a unique range of cosmeceutical products in the Skin Whitening , Anti-ageing and Hair-care segment to its customers across India and the Middle-East. Our products are manufactured at our state-of-art facility in Bangkok, Thailand. We also offer tailored dermato-cosmetics products for many of the leading dermatologists/cosmetologists in India. Currently, we are headquartered in Bangalore, India having international offices in Bangkok and Dubai.

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Dietary Supplement/ Nutricosmetics

Our objective is to provide superior quality, innovative products that meet the doctor’s and patient’s needs. We also differentiate ourselves in our reliance on product development, in our commitment to using inputs from dermatologists & cosmetologists in order to shape our focus and future direction, and in our support of the dermatology community. Our commitment to high-quality cosmetics has enabled our products to have a very broad appeal. Within a very short span of time, we have captured the attention and loyalty of thousands of customers worldwide. We are one the first companies in India to launch products like Nuhair, which contains a unique combination of Saw Palmetto along with multivitamin and multi mineral for hair loss. and I-Fair, skin lightening tablets containing Glutathione which, within a year of its launch has become one of the most preferred brands for skin lightening supplement among Dermatologists / Cosmetologists in India. These have now become our flagship products.